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Grant Management Information

Thank you for your interest in promoting traffic safety in Louisiana!  The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) is seeking dedicated partners to aid in our mission of Changing Behaviors and Saving Lives. Please take a moment to peruse the requirements for grant submissions and let us know if you have any questions. Questions concerning the application  process  may  be  directed  to  the  LHSC  by  email at:  lyrica.johnson@la.gov  or by telephone at (225) 925-6991.

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The planning process for the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is a cyclical process that is in constant review, assessment, and modification and due to a variety of intervening and often unpredictable factors at both the federal and state level; the planning process may be interrupted by unforeseen events and mandates.

A multitude of Stakeholder meetings, data analysis workshops, and processes for partner feedback occur throughout the year. In preparation for each fiscal year, the LHSC facilitates a series of Community Briefings designed to provide current information on traffic safety issues in Louisiana and solicit local leaders, citizens, law enforcement, and other traffic safety partners input on future needs and potential programs. Additional meetings are held to assess data improvements and reassess areas of need. The LHSC staff provides guidance and recommendations to the Assistant Director as to ongoing programming and the accountant and planner discuss estimated grant carry forward, potential grant awards, and existing contractual agreements. Projects are identified and awarded to local agencies, law enforcement, non-profits, governmental agencies, and other entities with the consideration of all discussions listed above.

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